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Mentoring you with proven lifestyle choices that demonstrate reduced dementia risk.

Why use our services?

  • 373% rise in dementia for Gen Xers & Millennials

  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with dementia

  • $100,000 - annual healthcare costs for adults with dementia 

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Our message is one of HOPE

The brain changes that cause Alzheimer’s are thought to begin 20-30 years or more before symptoms start.  The latest research is showing that we can increase our brain tissue and improve our brain health by implementing proven & well-researched lifestyle strategies.  We want to educate and empower you to have your best future.  We can change the narrative from one of fear, to one of hope.

Find out more about our programs.


10 Week Comprehensive Program

This is an individualized program designed to change your life.  It includes two memory tests and a health and wellness assessment so we can identify lifestyle choices you could improve and specifically target them. Our program contains daily guidance, weekly workbooks & a 50-minute 1:1 mentoring session each week.  We educate and mentor you through each lifestyle pillar of our program and help you to make improved lifestyle choices a habit. 

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Monthly Membership

Our monthly membership includes two live coaching webinars a month on brain health.  The recorded video will be sent to you in case you missed the class.  A digital workbook that addresses the monthly brain health topic will also be provided to help you apply the brain health concepts you've learned.  It includes access to our community which will help encourage & motivate you daily to maintain those hard earned results and keep improving.  You'll also be provided the latest in brain research and weekly prompts via email to inspire you to set and achieve new goals that will help you achieve a more healthy, joy filled and abundant life.


“Starting this program I really didn't know what to expect.  I must say it was the BEST decision I could have made.  Heather is a really positive person.  She has a lot of good ideas that make me want to follow through. This program has made me realize that stress is really harmful for my brain and made me conscious of what I have that's good in my life. It opened my eyes to ways I could improve myself and my brain.  I’m eating healthier and engaging in activities that will improve my brain health.  I've lost 10 lbs since being on the program. Heather, you are truly gifted in this field and I will always be so grateful to you!” 


- Ginger

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"Do you want your story written for you or by you?"

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